Pantera by Pancham

In Every City - Sample Track


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Availble for a short time only! You can now own the only album RD Burman made in the United States and it's on Vinyl. Pantera by RD Burman featuring Jose Flores and Pat Gleeson.

Limited Edition - only a small selection of Albums are left. Each LP comes with a certificate of authenticity prepared and signed by Pantera's producer Pete Gavankar.


RD Burman
"...the day after Pancham landed in San Francisco was carnival day, May 15. The atmosphere inspired him; he composed the 'carnival' number on the album then and there. Later that evening they visited a disco where R.D. and Jose's joint number In Every City was played.

An excited R.D. related what passed: 'The number began with a bang, New York city, Chicago, LA, San Francisco and Bombay. All the people there started dancing. At the climax all were clapping. I was so moved I almost cried.'"

- 'My God, That's My Tune': Filmfare, June 1984

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